Home-cooked chilli

At Chilli Devil’s bar we regard any dish that includes chilli as an ingredient as being within our remit.
We offer a selection of home cooked dishes with chilli in them every day. That doesn’t mean it all tastes the same though; to make the point in April / May 2018 we cooked one chilli infused dish from each of 80 different countries in just 40 days. Our signature dishes of  buffalo, beer & bacon chilli (made with Yorkshire bred buffalo!) and lamb and kielbasa (polish sausage) chilli can be found alongside such classics as chicken tikka masala and lamb tagine, or more unusual dishes such as chtitha djedj (no, that’s not a typo, it’s an Algerian chicken & chickpea dish), or cazuela de llama (a South American llama stew).
Oh yes, you may have noticed we cook with a variety of meats too; beef, chicken, lamb and pork are often joined on the menu by the likes of goat, venison, llama, mouflon, kangaroo, alpaca and more.
Bowl of vegan chilli
Every day we feature at least one vegan choice on the main menu.

We track and record the potential allergens in this ever-changing menu in accordance with FSA best practice guidelines, and our staff can always advise you on the ingredients in any dish

Half-pounder with double cheese

For those who have yet to discover the love of chilli we can supply hot dogs or gourmet beef burgers, with or without copious amounts of mature cheddar cheese.

We also serve a selection of snack platters, including nachos, olives and topinky – a classic Czech rye bread and garlic accompaniment to beer (or lager).


Generally speaking it is not necessary to reserve a table – though you may wish to do so if coming with friends at a potentially busy time! Call us on 01482 961666, message us via the contact page, or facebook us.

We look forward to feeding you soon!